Adobe Premiere Pro cut & paste bug & the work-around

When I started to experiment with shooting and editing video, I researched the various editing programs and decided to focus on Adobe Premiere Pro. That was about 3 years ago and the version was Premiere Pro 5.0. Most everyone I knew was using Final Cut 7 so I had no one in my circle of friends who could provide any kind of instruction or tech support. Being on my own, I have relied on for the core information, and that has been supplemented by various YouTube videos and Google searches.

Although the learning curve has been steep, I am generally happy with what I can do in Premiere Pro. I’m also happy to report that each new version gets better. However, a nasty (and shockingly obvious) bug emerged with the latest version (6.02). If you are working, as I am, on large documentaries, you often wind up with a series of smaller projects, which will be integrated into the larger project. I had used this workflow quite successfully on my first documentary film, The Sudden Pianist, with no problems.

Although Premiere doesn’t allow for two projects to be open at the same time, I found that if I opened a project, selected & copied a sequence (or portion of a sequence), I could open the main project and copy that section into the timeline. In the project panel, the relevant bits and pieces would appear along with the copied sequence or portion of sequence. Brilliant!

However, after the latest update, I was working on a new commercial project and discovered that while copy & paste seemed to work as before, when I saved and closed the project and then reopened it, the imported sequence audio had a strange appearance. It had turned all red, and worse, it had no visible waveform and even worse, didn’t play back. It seems the Adobe Dynamic link had broken somehow.

At first, I tried taking the audio offline and manually re-linking in the project panel. No Joy. Then I discovered that by right clicking on the red audio, I could right click to “reveal in project” which selected the audio track in the project panel, and then I could right click again, select “replace with clip” and select “from bin” in the drop-down menu. This fixed the audio, so Big Sigh of Relief. However, I found that you have to do that 2-step process clip by clip. This can get really tedious very quickly.

Finally after a bit of Googlizing, I ran across this YouTube video.  Following the link posted under the video took me to this discussion. A poster named d_rob outlined a quick and easy solution which is as follows:
• select ALL the affected audio
• Right click and select “Audio Channels”
• Change the “Source Channel” drop downs to either right or left channel to match the original assignment.

Here is a screen shot:

Adobe Premiere Pro cut & paste bug

Adobe Premiere Pro Screenshot

The current bug is for the source channels to get changed to “none” when the clip is pasted into the other project. Changing them back to match the channels in the track fixes the problem. Although this is clearly a bug and Adobe will probably fix it, at least this work-around will save you much consternation (and time).

How Adobe can let such an obvious bug out the door is a subject for another time.