Apple is falling farther and farther from the tree

My first blog post in 2012 (my how time flies) was titled “What’s up with Apple” and was about Apple’s failure to address the needs of its Pro users with a timely Mac Pro update. The next year Apple did put out an update but it wasn’t what I needed or wanted, or even wanted to look at for the next who knows how long. I mean it was ugly in more ways than one. I mean it looked ridiculous, was not modular in the way Pro users would want. It had no internal storage to speak of, no PCI slot expandability, no easy way to connect to my eSata boxes, no good GPU upgrade path. I mean this thing was a complete disaster. I took a pass on it. Phil Shiller crowed about it, making his famous stupid comment “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass”. What’s that saying, “Pride goes before a fall”? Anyway, Phil has been eating much crow lately. He pretty much admitted that the 2013 Mac Pro was a mistake and that it wasn’t upgraded for over 3 years because its fundamental design concept was wrong. Perhaps the newest MacBook Pro failure was the tipping point where Apple realized that all was not well with the computer division and that maybe they should start paying some attention to what Pro Users were saying…or at least those who had not already left for Windows 10.

Meanwhile, I stayed with the 2010 tower, replaced the dual processor tray with a custom 12 core 3.46 GHz processor, a Quadro 5000 GPU and 64GB of RAM plus a USB 3.0 card. Ironically it looks like I can use Nvidia’s newest GPU while “trash can” Macs can’t. Oh the irony…

Apple’s problem now is that they really can’t innovate in a way that is meaningful to pro users, despite what Mr. Shiller says, because that light went out at Apple October 5, 2011. Tim Cook may be a lot of things, but he is no Steve Jobs, and neither is Phil Schiller.

Anyway, Apple now says they will produce a new more modular Mac Pro, but not until 2O18. That is somewhat good news, but I am skeptical about how that will work out and perplexed that it would take them that long. Basically if they took the old tower design, added USB 3 and Thunderbolt ports, maybe added a PCI slot or two, miniaturized as much as possible without hosing functionality, then they would have something good. How long can that take? I mean my son built a killer gaming PC in one day after waiting 2 days for the parts to arrive. I mean, really! How dysfunctional has Apple become?