Apple Yearly OS Updates

Although Apple’s zeitgeist in the past has been “less is more” they seem to have pivoted to “more is more” when it comes to OS updates. Before 10.7 (Lion), OS updates were usually an every other year occurrence. Since then, Apple has put out a new OS every calendar year. Unfortunately, this is too often because it has become painfully obvious that Apple’s engineering Core (pun intended) is unable to deliver a finished product free of serious flaws that fast.

In fact, in my opinion, 10.8 (Mountain Lion) was the last relatively trouble free OS and each version since then has been worse than the one before.

If it was just flaws in the OS, that would be bad enough, but there are other effects. Apple has become like an out of control dance band making everyone dizzy by playing too fast.

Since I do video production, I constantly feel like my Mac Pro workstation is like a house of cards that every OS update threatens to topple. I have to check on or update drivers for all the video related stuff like Matrox cards and Nvidia cards, not to mention all the Premiere Pro issues and Premiere Pro plug-ins. It can take up to 2 weeks of constant tweaking to recover from an OS release. Even then, some issues linger for months, and some never get resolved until the next OS release, which unfortunately often breaks something else.

Who does Apple think they are serving with this OS update schedule? It certainly isn’t a customer like me. I’m pretty sure Adobe would be just fine without having forced updates due to OS issues. My guess is Nvidia would be just fine with not having to update their drivers every year (and sometimes even more often).

I’m hoping someone at Apple will rebel. It might just be the folks in tech support, because the last few times I’ve dealt with them they seem about as frustrated as I am, which is a dangerous place for your customers and especially your tech support folks to be.