Highly Recommended: Peter Krogh’s Adobe Lightroom Multi-Catalog workflow e-book

My longtime friend and colleague (UPDIG, dpBestflow), Peter Krogh is a brilliant thinker and accomplished teach of digital imaging workflow.  Following up from his highly acclaimed Dam Books, Peter is at it again with his release of the Lightroom Multi-Catalog e-book.  Clearly and concisely written, the e-book also contains 47 short how-to videos which show Peter’s workflow recommendations in action.

I have been advising folks for some time now that if they shoot lots of photos and are not using Lightroom, then in my opinion, they are making their life more difficult.  The caveat is that it takes some time and effort to learn all the nuances of this surprisingly deep program especially with regard to managing multiple catalogs.

Peter’s book is divided into 2 sections; 4 chapters which will deepen your understanding of how Lightroom works, followed by 5 Workflow sections that show how to execute the multi-catalog workflow that is right for you. If any part of the written explanation leaves you unsure or scratching your head, just go ahead and watch the excellent demonstration video that accompanies the chapter or section and you will understand what you need to do and how to do it, guaranteed.

Although I have been using Lightroom since version 2, I still learned a few new tricks from this e-book that have benefited my workflow. Keep in mind that this e-book focuses on image file management and Lightroom catalog management and not on how to develop image files. There are other books and tutorial videos for that. Those other books and videos, however, don’t address the nuts and bolts of organizing and preserving your digital images and preserving the work you do to them. Peter’s book is unique in that respect- which in my mind makes it uniquely valuable to amateur and pro alike.